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How to influence the COP process

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Climate Tribune | December 2021

How to influence the COP process: ICCCAD’s role in COP26

Articles in the series

  1. ‘I am quite disheartened by the outcome of COP26’ (INTERVIEW WITH LEADING CLIMATE POLICY EXPERT SALEEMUL HUQ) by Magnus Mayeen Ahmed
  2. ‘Outcome on capacity building at COP26’ by Prof Mizan R Khan
  3. ‘If finance is not agreed,nothing is agreed’ by Tasfia Tasnim
  4. ‘Loss and damage in developing countries: Impacts, evidence and what next’ by Md Fahad Hossain
  5. ‘The plight of loss and damage finance at COP 26’ by S M Saify Iqbal
  6. ‘To be an influencer in the COP process’ by Dr Nazneen Khan
  7. ‘LDC youth at COP26’ by Shohail Bin Saifullah

Climate Tribune  | December 2021 | COVER PHOTO: PIXABAY


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