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Role of Private sector in tackling climate change

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Climate Tribune | July 2021

Role of Private sector in tackling climate change“.  

The editorial captures some success stories of Private sectors in Bangladesh. The organizations featured in the editorial are a few of the many companies that have put forth an effort in terms of Climate Change adaptation and mitigation in the country.

Articles in the series 

  1. ‘Bangladesh is a nano-emitter globally but the emissions have serious impacts at the local level’- Interview with Prof Mizan R Khan by Saqib Sarker
  2. Peer-to-peer solar grids can be key to drive forward renewable energy- Solshare by Magnus Mayeen Ahmed
  3. How the DBL Group managed to save 1.3 billion litres of water –Dulal Brothers Limited(DBL) by Saqib Sarker and Saudia Afrin
  4. Climate and water: Leveraging private sector engagement for sustainable development- HSBC and Unilever by Shahrin Mannan and Faysal Abbas
  5. Three Bangladeshi women advocating sustainable fashion-Colors Dhaka, Dhaka Vintage, and Reach Community Bd by Afsara Mirza
  6. Kazi Farms reduces emission by producing organic fertilizer, but it could do much more with higher composting capacity-Kazi Farms by Saqib Sarker
  7. Addressing climate risks in the agricultural sector: How can the insurance industry help? by Towrin Zaman Raya
  8. Bayer’s initiative to improve income of smallholder farmers through sustainable agricultural practices can be a model for Bangladesh- Bayers by Fatema Akter, Noor-E-Elahi and Ali Mohammad Rezaie 
  9. Kazi & Kazi Tea mitigates climate change impacts by using innovative and naturefriendly farming methods Kazi Tea by Saqib Sarker
  10. How Grameen Shakti is providing a sustainable renewable energy solution in rural Bangladesh- Grameen Shakti by Noor-E-Elahi

Climate Tribune  | July 2021
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