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Jennifer Khadim

Coordinator, Climate Youth Initiative

Jennifer Khadim Photo

Jennifer coordinates the ICCCAD Youth programme. She and her team runs monthly knowledge seminars, skill based training workshops and radio shows. This work has enabled her to spread awareness about climate change in Bangladesh. Jennifer also worked with documentary film maker teams from the UK and France where the main focus was to explain her work to people in other countries about climate change and youth. Jennifer also helped organize the CBA10 Youth conference and the ‘Vision 2100 Essay Competition’ in 2016.

Before this, she worked as a research associate under the Climate Change Governance programme and helped organize the Learning Hub events. She also worked as the seminar manager in the Gobeshona programme and helped organize the 1st Gobeshona Conference in 2015.

Jennifer has a MSc degree from Independent University, Bangladesh (IUB) in Climate Change and Development (2015). Her thesis focused on the unplanned urbanization in the eastern fringe areas of Dhaka city. She has field work experience in Vietnam and Brazil under the project ‘CapWater’ at Cologne University of Applied Science, Germany.

Jennifer has research interest in water, gender, youth and migration. Apart from working, she likes spending time with her family and traveling.