Programme Assistant

He has completed his Bachelors in Environmental Science and Management from IUB and
currently pursuing his Masters in Disaster Management at University of Dhaka. While obtaining
his undergraduate degree, Noor has been involved with different activities including club
activities, social research and also took part in voluntary activities frequently. He was also a
dedicated volunteer in the 10 th International Conference on Community Base Adaptation,
Gobeshona Conference etc. that boosts his managerial skills and enhances his capacity in event
management. Later he was involved with ICCCAD as an Intern. During his working period at
ICCCAD, he has been involved with the Learning Hub Events and also conducted researches on
Low Carbon Resilient Development and contributed in the country report as Research Assistant.
Currently he is working as a Programme Assistant at Gobeshona. He is maintaining the
searchable data base online publication on Climate Change in Bangladesh at Gobeshona website.
He is passionate about research in Climate Change and Disaster Management. He, himself is an
enthusiastic photographer and loves to explore new places.