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Shamir Shehab

Visiting Researcher
(Non-resident Researcher – Climate Finance and Policy)

Shamir Shehab

Shamir Shehab is an advocate for social and environmental justice, and a staunch believer in prosperity with equity and justice. His professional interest lies in the intersection of climate change, development, and international affairs broadly, and current work revolves around climate policy and finance. As a Non-resident Researcher, Shamir provides research and analytical support to ICCCAD’s programmes on climate finance and policy aimed at strengthening capacity of public and private sector stakeholders in LDCs, especially Bangladesh, to access climate finance, and scale up climate mitigation and adaptation projects and programmes. He is currently based in South Korea with United Nations’ Green Climate Fund (GCF). He previously consulted and worked for several development organisations based in Bangladesh and abroad in their renewable energy and water projects.

Shamir founded the Bangladesh Youth Environmental Initiative (BYEI), which educates, trains and empowers young people to become environmental champions. BYEI has been instrumental in mobilizing young people to create a youth-led environmental movement in Bangladesh. He received several national and international recognitions for this work, notably the Queen’s Young Leaders Award from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, an excellence award and an innovation grant from the U.S. State Department.

Shamir holds an MPA degree with a specialisation in environmental policy from Cornell University. He was a Yenching Scholar (Politics and International Affairs) at Peking University, where he researched and explored social and environmental impacts of China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) as well as China’s emerging role in global climate policy and environmental governance.

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