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Climate Change and Gender

ICCCAD has been working since its inception to address the issues of bringing gender equality within the climate change regime and cross-cutting sector.
ICCCAD believes that development process should consider the inclusion of the whole of society approach and the research should take into account the consideration of gender and social inclusion, through participatory result. While in the climate change entity; women, children, elderly people, persons with disabilities, poor and hard core poor fall under the category of vulnerable groups. With this in mind, ICCCAD values the human rights principles of fairness, respect, equality, dignity and autonomy while conducting research, policy advocacy and programme implementation activities.

Therefore, the aims of ICCCAD in this regard, is to mainstream gender in its climate change related research and programmes, committees, and projects with a focus on capacity building and women leadership. Furthermore, ICCCAD also intends to promote women’s participation in policy level processes shaping the climate change agenda, as well as advocating for a better understanding and acknowledgement of women’s needs and roles in combating climate change.